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This page under construction as we bring on new staff to handle our growth and minister to our families in the best way possible.  Thanks!

Mrs. Kerwood, K4-K6 Teacher

Mrs. Kerwood holds a B.S. in Communications from Florida State University. After working in the communication and tourism marketing industry for several years, she felt the Lord calling her to a new career path. She worked as a long-term substitute teaching high school and helping out with the youth at her church when the Lord opened the door at KCA. Outside of work, Mrs. Kerwood enjoys reading, exploring the New Smyrna Beach area, and serving at her church. She currently lives in Edgewater with her husband and two dogs. 

​​​Knight's Christian Academy

Mrs. Danford, K2-K3 Teacher

Mrs. Danford holds an A.S. in Nursing from Keiser University. She began her career as a nurse prior to being blessed with three children of her own. Knowing she was being called by the Lord, and always having a deep love for children, she began teaching various age groups at several churches across the country. She also worked with home-school groups as well as PALCS Charter School in Pennsylvania. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, and serving with them at church.

Kellie Conley

Administrator/Board of Directors
Upperschool Teacher